Submit Datasets

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has supported data collection from participants in epidemiology studies and clinical trials for over six decades. A formal data sharing policy was established in 2000 to enable these datasets to be placed in a Data Repository to be shared with qualified investigators.

The Data Repository is managed by NHLBI staff in the DCVS Epidemiology Branch and includes individual level data from numerous Institute-supported clinical trials and observational studies. Data are accessed through BioLINCC's Data Request Form. The following worksheet is provided to assist with the curation and submission of Study data to the NHLBI Data Repository. Section 4.0 of the BioLINCC Handbook provides additional information on preparing and submitting datasets and documentation to the NHLBI.

The Study should contact their NHLBI Program Official for specific submission requirements and timelines.