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Index of Procedure Manuals

PDF Biospecimens Manual of Procedures (PDF - 451.0 KB)
PDF Bronchoscopy Substudy Study Design and Manual of Procedures (PDF - 399.4 KB)
PDF Clinical Center Procedures (PDF - 510.0 KB)
PDF Endpoints Ascertainment Procedure Supplements (PDF - 1.1 MB)
PDF Endpoints Outcome Ascertainment Procedures (PDF - 532.2 KB)
PDF Exacerbation Substudy Procedures (PDF - 452.0 KB)
PDF Operating Instructions for the eSP Sirometry Testing System (PDF - 1.9 MB)
PDF Pulmonary Function Testing Manual of Procedures (PDF - 6.8 MB)
PDF Radiology Manual of Procedures (PDF - 238.2 KB)
PDF Repeatability and Replicate Substudy (PDF - 255.9 KB)